Is Binding necessary? noraishah shahar 22 Aug 1998 12:31 UTC


As part of the syllabus for the 2nd year of the Diploma in Library &
Information Studies, we have to present a topic each.
(I'm doing it part-time, working in the day & studying in the evening)

I've only been working in the Library for about three years & a half
now, as a Library Assistant. So, I'm quite new to this area.

The topic I got from the Lecturer is :"Is binding necessary?"

Other than the costs & storage factors, I hope you all can share with
me, some of your points/views, and experiences, being in the Library
line longer than me!

Although I have some points, I would like to have some more, so I could
compare & contrast with some people in the USA & other regions.

I hope to hear from you all soon. So I could quickly prepare the text &
hopefully some charts...

Thank-you all in advance,

Noraishah ( Nor)