Double Reed Emily McElroy 24 Aug 1998 18:51 UTC

Subject:  Double Reed

I had a question about this title.  This is the first volume of this
journal that we have received (v. 21).  It is ISSN 0741-7659.  We also
recently received the title "Journal of the International Double Reed
Society".  It has the same ISSN number, same title page features however
it is different numbering and has a different title. It does not appear to
be a new title since it is on number 26.  OCLC does not mention that this
is a supplement and there is no record for the latter title.

Our subscription agency says this in their online system, "Journal
supplement included in subscription price.  Includes 3 issues of "Double
Reed" and one issue of The Journal".

Does anyone else receive this title and its supplement?  How have you
cataloged it?

Thanks a lot,

Emily McElroy
Serials Assistant
DePaul University
(773) 325-2443