Journal of Multicultural Social Work Steve Black 25 Aug 1998 13:05 UTC

If you would like to join my library in the complaint below, please send
me your contact information.  Please feel free to copy this for action on
your own, if you wish.  An online complaint form is available at .

For what it's worth, my complaint directly to Haworth Press was ignored.


Bureau of Consumer Protection
Federal Trade Commission
Washington, DC 20580


  The Journal of Multicultural Social Work, published by Haworth Press, 10
Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580 is published quarterly on a
calendar year basis.  A photocopy of the journal's ordering information
from volume 5, 1997 is attached.

  The publisher combined the quarterly issues of volume 5 into two issues,
and then published volume 6 within the same calendar year (1997).  The
publisher is refusing to send volume 6, 1997 without an additional
payment.  Our library paid $125 for the 1997 volume, and $150 for the 1998
volume of The Journal of Multicultural Social Work.  The 1998 volume has
yet to be published.

  Given the fact that the journal in question clearly states that
subscriptions are on a calendar year basis, it is our belief that we have
already paid for volume 6, and that the renumbering of issues to add an
additional volume during calendar year 1997 constitutes unfair and
deceptive trade practice.

  The resolution we seek is for Haworth Press to send us volume 6, 1996,
without the additional payment.  For the libraries that made the
additional payment for volume 6, we seek a refund of that payment.


Steve Black
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