"Quarterly" publications (was: Jrnl of Multicultural Social Work) Mitch Turitz 27 Aug 1998 16:15 UTC

Jan Lahmeyer" <J.Lahmeyer@library.uu.nl> wrote:
> In my view this publisher, Haworth Press (and not only that firm),
> makes a habit of publishing four issues per volume on a so-called
> "quarterly" basis, but the volumes are being stretched over more
> than one year. So the meaning of "quarterly" in the English language
> is not any more exclusively in use for something happening four times
> a year, but the meaning is also extended to four issues per volume,
> thanks to the world of publishers.

It is my understanding that the motivation of some publishers to declare
their publications as quarterly is to get the postage discount from the
U.S. Postal Service.  If a publication is quarterly (or more frequent) it
is eligible for a lower postage rate.  Obviously, the post office does not
check to see if the publisher is really publishing 4 or more
physical issues a year of every publisher's titles.

-- Mitch

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