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Call for papers: Third ICCC/IFIP Conference on Electronic Publishing, Ronneby, Sweden, May 1999 Peter Linde 04 Nov 1998 10:57 UTC

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Call for papers

The Third Conference on Electronic Publishing
( will be held in Ronneby, Sweden and
presents a great opportunity to present achievements in this area to an
international audience.  On behalf of the Organizing committee of
Electronic Publishing �99, I, therefore would like to encourage you to
submit an abstract or to pre-register.

Peter Linde, chairman of the Programme Committee.

The Third ICCC/IFIP Conference on Electronic Publishing, will take place
on 10-12 May 1999 at Ronneby, Sweden.  The theme is Redefining the
Information Chain - New Ways and Voices.  As at the first and second
ICCC/IFIP Electronic Publishing conference held in Canterbury, England, in
1997 and Budapest 1998 ( papers on
technical, human and economic aspects of electronic publishing will be

Submit a paper
The conference will be concerned with electronic publishing both for
specialist audiences and for the general public.  Submit your paper at:

Deadline for abstract submission is 7th of December 1998.

There will be two tracks. The first track will concentrate on technical
issues, such as file formats, protocols, networking, retrieval techniques
etc. The second track will include case studies, presentations of projects
and presentations of implemented electronic publishing in public and
scholarly libraries, art galleries, museums. It will also include
electronic provision of local community or tourist information, government
information, and the like.  Neither of these lists is meant to be
exhaustive and submissions on any topic within the Conference's overall
theme will be considered.  The Program Committee now calls for papers for
presentation at the conference. These should report real experiences,
research or development projects, or intellectual contributions on the
theme of the conference.
Papers reporting experience of real-life activities on a significant
scale and presenting new, inventive ways of communicating and publishing
electronically are especially sought.

Keynote speaker
The keynote speaker will be David Seaman , Founding Director of the
Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia, USA

Panel Debate
Two Panel debates are planed. The themes are:
Electronic Publishing in the service of democracy
Electronic Publishing year 2001 - a global perspective:
 What have happened and what will happen!?
We invite three persons for each debate and three papers on each theme
will be accepted.

Suggested topics:

Electronic Serials
 Case Studies and History
 Library Issues
 Retrieval Issues
 Storage and Preservation

New Publishing Models
What can XML do for EP?
Intelligent Agents in EP
in Government information
in Tourist information
in Multimedia
Local Information

The Digital Library
Cataloging and Classification
Economic Issues
Information Conversion
 Integrity and Preservation
 Retrieval Issues
 Change Management
 Storage and Preservation

Electronic Commerce
Print on Demand
 Delivery Models
 Payment Techniques
 Intellectual Property Rights
License Agreements

Paper submission must include:
Title of paper; Abstract in English of no more than 500 words;
Author(s); Affiliation(s)
Address; Phone; Fax; E-mail.

Panel debate submission must include:
Title of Debate; Abstract in English of no more than 500 words; Title of
paper; Author(s); Affiliation(s); Address; Phone; Fax; E-mail.

Abstracts in English of no more than 500 words should be sent by e-mail
or submitted by webform to:

The Programme Committee:
Anders Ard�, Head of development, Technical Knowledge Center & Library
of Denmark
Prof. Dipak Khakhar, University of Lund. Sweden
Peter Linde, University of Karlskrona/Ronneby, Sweden
Gunilla  Jonsson, Deputy Director, Royal Library, Stockholm, Sweden
John McKendree, Manager ICCC Press, USA
Prof. Jack Meadows, Loughborough University, UK
John W.T. Smith, The Templeman Library, University of Kent at
Canterbury, UK
Dr. Volker Tschammer, ECCO - Competence Center for Electronic Commerce,
Berlin, Germany
Senior Consultant, Rickard �dahl, Swedish State Railways, Information

Preregister for the Conference by filling out our web-form available at and we will later send you registration

Paper/Panel debate submission:
All submissions will be refereed by members of the Programme Committee.
The working languages of the conference will be English. Submission of
abstracts should be in English.  The Proceedings will be published in
time for the Conference and a copy will be given to delegates at
registration. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by the
beginning of January 1999.
Conference program will be distributed in February 1999.

Submitted papers from Eastern European countries will be particularly
welcome.  Speakers whose papers are accepted will  be charged one third
of the conference fee, but will be responsible for their own travel and
accommodation costs. The same fees applies to authors who's panel debate
papers has been accepted.

Abstracts in English of no more than 500 words should be sent by e-mail
or submitted by webform to:

Contact person is:
Peter Linde
University of Karlskrona/Ronneby
S-371 79 Karlskrona, Sweden
Fax: +46 455 78137
Telephone: +46 455 78139

Deadline for abstract submission is 7th of December 1998.

Buy Proceedings:
We sell the proceedings from the Electronic Publishing Conferences of
1997 and 1998 at a special price. Only 15USD each, postage included.
Please send an e-mail or a letter with your name and address and which
of the titles you want to buy (ICCC/IFIP Conference Proceeding
Electronic Publishing �97 - "New Models and opportunities or ICCC/IFIP
Conference Proceeding Electronic Publishing �98 - "Towards the
Information-Rich Society") to:

Dipak Khakhar
Department of Informatics
S-223 63 Lund, Sweden

Conference Website:

The Conference is Co-sponsored by
University of Karlskrona/Ronneby

The Baltic Institute

Soft Center

/ Peter Linde
University of Karlskrona/Ronneby
S-371 79 Karlskrona, Sweden
+ 46 (0)455 78139, fax + 46 (0)455 78137