Serials Cataloging Problems Wendy Scalfaro 06 Nov 1998 21:57 UTC

Hi, All.
I'm new to this list, but not new to the world of serials. I have worked
with them in one capacity or another for 10 years. I have a few questions
for anyone who catalogs serials (something I have not done).

I am a graduate student seeking my MLS, and I need to describe problems
with cataloging serials for an assignment. In doing so, I am required to
talk with someone who performs this job. I would appreciate any and all
help that the people on the list could provide. In general, I need to know
what special problems arise when cataloging? Here are some ideas:

** Title information
** Issue of creative responsibility
** Issues of edition and date

Any other information is extremely helpful. Please e-mail me directly. If
people are interested, I will post to the list. Thanks in advance.

Wendy Scalfaro