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Special issues - processing and shelving Betsy Luce 09 Nov 1998 02:30 UTC

I was curious to know where other libraries put special editions of a
journal--ones that have a separate name and specific authors--in their
collection.  We have had a problem in the past that these "special
editions" do not stay with their respective journals since student workers
do not read the fine print.  They look like books, and they end up as
strays in the Reading Room or Bound Periodicals Room.  On the other hand,
we are worried that if we add them to our circulating collection they will
be difficult to find as part of a volume of a journal (they are catalogued
under the special edition name), and they will not be readily available if
they are lent out.  Will other people give me some ideas as to how they
handle this situation?

Thank you very much,  Betsy Luce

Betsy Cecilia Luce
Shea Memorial Library
American International College
Springfield, MA  01109
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