Call for Papers, Ohio Valley Group of Tech Services Librarians Rebecca L. Lubas 09 Nov 1998 15:06 UTC

CALL FOR PAPERS: 1999 Annual Conference of the Ohio Valley Group of
Technical Services Librarians (OVGTSL)


The 1999 Annual conference of the Ohio Valley Group of Technical Service
Librarians (OVGTSL), serving Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, will be hosted
by Cedarville College at the Springfield Inn in Springfield, Ohio, May
20-21, 1999.

The OVGTSL Program Planning Committee invites proposals for presentations.

        The significant, substantial, and rapid change required of many
corporations, institutions, and organizations has generated the phrase
"nanosecond nineties."  Libraries too, in response to the computer, the
internet, and many other influences have changed significantly in recent
years.  In some libraries, technical services is now quite different and
many librarians expect continuing change.  For the 1999 conference,
Library Technical Services is..., we want to know how has technical
services changed.  What new responsibilities do technical services
librarians and staff have?  What new technical services programs or
projects have been developed?  How are technical services librarians
planning for and preparing for continuing change?

OVGTSL invites all interested persons to submit proposals and suggested

Please include the following:

Name, address, institution and title. E-mail address, and telephone
number of the presenter(s)
Title of presentation
  Abstract (not to exceed 200 words)
Format (e.g. oral presentation, panel discussion, poster session)
 Equipment needs
Total time required (including time for questions)

Proposals should be submitted by December 1, 1998 to:

Rebecca L. Lubas
Catalog Librarian for Serials and Documents
Ball State University