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Libraries with foreign studies collections Susan Harman 11 Nov 1998 22:22 UTC

I'm posting this on Autocat and Serialst, hoping that you sharp people can
give me some leads.  We are a medical society library and have a fairly
large group of foreign language medical journals from the period
1900-1950, which are taking up valuable storage space.  A couple of years
ago we decided to keep the French and German and get rid of the rest.  The
National Library of Medicine and the two Maryland medical schools have
already taken what they wanted.  We advertised the rest on Backmed and
Backserv and got rid of a few more at that time.  Increasing space
problems are forcing us to make the rest disappear by the end of the year.
Before heaving them into the dumpster (probably several dumpsters), we are
putting them on the exchange lists one more time.  I also thought I would
try to identify universities that had strong degree programs in the
various languages and countries represented.  Perhaps a direct letter to
their libraries might farm out a few more of these titles to good homes.
The languages/countries are:

Portuguese--Brazil, Portugal
Spanish--Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru,
Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela

I've done a little searching on the WWW, but so far have mostly found
sites in foreign languages.  If you know of universities with strong
programs in these areas, please reply to me directly at  Thank you.

Susan Harman
MedChi Library
1211 Cathedral St.
Baltimore, Md. 21201
fax 410-727-5967

P.S. My first try with our new mail system, so hope this comes out OK!