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Modern Plastics 1997 Susan Andrews 16 Nov 1998 16:37 UTC

Does anyone know if there truly was a second issue in April of May 1997 of:
Modern Plastics (preferably numbered as 5)?  I visited their website and
found no sign of any such issue.  I tried claiming it and got no response.
I considered calling the publisher, but the last couple of times that I
tried that, the response that I got did not leave me feeling very confident
that they knew what they were talking about (or even what I was talking
about). Anyway, I never received a number 5 in 1997 for Modern plastics (the
numbering skipped right to #6) and I would like to know if such a thing
really even existed, before I pursue further or just plain give up.  I will
be eternally grateful to anyone who can answer this definitively, and if no
one got the issue, then I can take the consensus as being that it never

Thank you all in advance,

Susan Andrews
Serials Librarian
Texas A&M University-Commerce