Re: CD-ROM and Print Versions of the Same Journal Cecilia Leathem 02 Dec 1998 16:01 UTC

We have been receiving quite a few CD ROMs for journals that we
subscribe to in hard copy.  So far, they live in a box under my desk,
because we have yet to make a decision on how to handle them.  We could
catalog them and allow them to circulate, or catalog them and allow for
in-house use only.  In the latter case, we would have to provide the PC
with a CD-ROM drive, and that is the sticking point.

Another problem is that some publishers provide an annual cumulation of
several titles and issue them together on a single disc or on several
discs.  In some cases, we may only have hard copy for one title.  The
other titles are not wanted, especially when we only have a single year
on CD-ROM.

I suspect we will eventually pitch them because so many publishers are
now offering web versions to those who subscribe to the hard copy.  The
CD's are an awkward alternative.

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