Re: Software for serials records Linda Hofmann 10 Dec 1998 06:12 UTC

I do serials acquisitions at a library in a suburb of Chicago.  In the
course of my job I have been able to go to several meetings of a local
serials SIG group.  At one of these meetings about two years ago, a woman
from a nearby suburb did a presentation on a stand-alone software program
she designed for serials checkin.  It is called Magazine Manager.  It was
originally created for use on PCs with DOS, but I believe she was working on
a windows based version.  I was very impressed with the capapbilities of
such an apparently simple program.  It was a database program which allowed
for title records to which you could attach barcodes for each issue that
came in.  It would be ideal for a library that does not have an integrated
system such as the one at the library where I work.  I am sorry to say I do
not remember her name, or have ready access to ordering information.
Perhaps someone else on the list has more information.
Good luck!

Linda Hofmann, Library Associate
Technical Services
Naperville Public Libraries
Naperville, Illinois

Elyse Hayes <emihayes@LI.NET> wrote:

>I'm new to this list, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me:
>1.)  Have there been any threads on software for serials management - not
>as a module of an overall automation package - but separate software for
>serials inventory, reports, etc.
>2.)  If so, what's the best way to find it in the archives (what was the
>subject line; when was the thread)
>3.)  Better yet, if you can recommend particular software, I'd be
>interested.  (You can e-mail me directly).
>Thank you,
>Elyse Hayes
>Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Huntington, NY