Online access to e-journals: EBSCO "service" Sharon Quinn Fitzgerald 09 Dec 1998 15:56 UTC

Hi folks,

Our experience with EBSCO's online access to e-journals here at the
University of Maine mirrors that of Villanova.  We were sent hundreds
of these notices for individual titles with a cover letter that
suggested that by providing EBSCO with certain data, IP list and
contact information, that free online access would be pursued on our

We were thrilled at the prospect of a new service for the e-journal
medium to mirror the service we currently get from EBSCO for our paper
subscriptions.   Unfortunately, on pursuing further with our customer
rep we were informed this is a letter service ONLY and we would still
be required to deal directly with publishers to set up access.
Providing the information for EBSCO on individual titles only adds
another step of work to an already difficult, time consuming task as
each publisher has a different approach to registration for online

I urged our EBSCO rep to consider fleshing out this "service" and would
encourage all interested to do the same.

Sharon Quinn Fitzgerald
Head, Serials
University of Maine

Sharon Quinn Fitzgerald
Interim Campus Web Manager
University of Maine