Periodical holdings statistics Marion Prudlo 16 Dec 1998 19:53 UTC

 I have a question concerning the report to the Association of Theological
Schools (ATS).

> We are asked to provide the number of  volumes of serials and periodicals
> received (print and electronic). Have any of you ever attempted counting the
> vols. for fulltext online subscriptions such as those on ProQuest Direct and
> SearchBank? If so, how did you do it? Is there any easy way?
> By the way, we did call both ATS and ATLA but not receive definitive
> answers about where to report online subscription volumes, but were told
> we were free to interpret the instructions as we wished as long as we
> were consistent from year to year. There was also mention of the
> possibility of rewriting the form for next year.
> Many thanks,

Marion Prudlo

Electronic Resources Librarian
Oral Roberts University Library
Tulsa, Oklahoma