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Dear Naomi,

245 00     |a=A5@=AC=C9=BA~=BBy=B1=D0=BE=C7 =3D|cChinese teaching in the=
246 31     |aChinese teaching in the world.
246 13     |aShijie hanyu jiaoxue.
260        |a=A5_=A8=CA :|b=A5_=A8=CA=BBy=A8=A5=BE=C7=B0|=A5X=AA=A9=AA=C0,|c=

            =3D>Bei-jing :|bBei-jing yu yan xue yuan chu ban she,|c1987-
300        |av. ;|c26 cm.
310        |aQuarterly.
362 1      |aBegan in 1987.
590        |a1992-
500        |aDescription based on: 1993, 1; title from cover.
546        |aIn Chinese; added tables of contents in English.
550 0      |aIssued by: =A5@=AC=C9=BA~=BBy=B1=D0=BE=C7=BE=C7=B7|.
650  0     |aChinese language|xStudy and teaching|xPeriodicals.
710 2      |a=A5@=AC=C9=BA~=BBy=B1=D0=BE=C7=BE=C7=B7|.

Our vendor is:

Joint Publication (HK) Co. Ltd.
                       16, Tsuen Wan Industrial Centre, 220-240 Texaco Rd.
                       Tsuen Wan
                       N. T. Hong Kong
                       Fax: 2810-4201; E-mail:

Hope this helps.

 Eugenie Ng <eugenien@LN.EDU.HK>

At 11:56 AM 1998/12/16 -0600, Naomi K. Young wrote:
>Does anyone know of a reliable source for Shih chieh han yu chiao
>hsueh =3D (or Shijie hanyu jiaoxue)?  The english title is given on OCLC
>as Chinese teaching in the world. We have had a departmental request for
>this title and cannot locate a vendor.
>This list is always an excellent source of help. Many thanks, now and
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