Automated usage studies? Sherri Parker 17 Dec 1998 20:57 UTC

DePauw University is interested in tracking periodical usage.  We are
interested in using a relational database to manage usage statistics.
I've read some articles that involve affixing barcodes on the shelves
and using barcode scanners to scan barcodes each time issues are shelved.
Then the information would be downloaded into the relational database
(like Microsoft Access) so that statistics can be generated for each

I wondered if any of you are doing this sort of thing and need to know
information on what equipment we will need to purchase.  Also, it sounds
like I might even need a program generator to read the data from the
portable scanner.

Any information you can share regarding this sort of thing would be
much appreciated!!!

Sherri Parker
DePauw University
(765) 658-4014