Re: Newspaper "Clippings" Librarian : job DESCRIPTIONS wanted. (Dena Luce) Marcia Tuttle 22 Feb 1999 15:08 UTC

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Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 12:41:00-0600
From: Dena Luce <dluce@FAULKNER.EDU>
Subject: Re: Newspaper "Clippings" Librarian : job DESCRIPTIONS wanted.

I haven't heard of this position before now but that job is often part of
what a special collections librarian or an archivist does.  I would
recommend checking with the folks on the archives listserv for suggestions.

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>Subject: Newspaper "Clippings" Librarian : job DESCRIPTIONS wanted.
>I turn to you having failed to locate JOB DESCRIPTIONS for Newspaper Clippings
>Librarians on line (I'm severely restricted in my search by the fact that I
>still have to work from a VT220 in Lynx - so a lot of the Web is out of my
>Our Library is requesting a new position of Clippings Librarian for the next
>budget cycle designed to bring order to some 100 years worth of newspaper
>Any helping in finding sample job descriptions for such a position would be
>much appreciated.
>warm regards,
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