Seeking information on joint user services/tech services committees Karina Ricker 03 Feb 1999 22:46 UTC

(Please excuse the duplicate postings on this message.  We are trying to
reach as many pertinent people as possible.)

Has anyone been involved with a committee composed of both technical
and user services librarians with the purpose of implementing a new system?

Five years ago, an ad-hoc committee with representatives from systems and
user services was charged with making decisions and providing training for
our new ADVANCE online catalog.  Over the years, the committee invited
representatives from cataloging to join the group.  After fulfilling its
charge, the committee did not disolve.  It continues to resolve issues
regarding the public catalog and its charge has been expanded to include
our future Web-based catalog. This cooperative approach has been an
essential learning experience for both the reference librarians and
catalogers on the committee.

We are curious to know if this type of committee is common, and would like
to hear from others involved in such a group. We are especially
interested in hearing from those whose responsibilities reside solely in
cataloging or public service.

Please respond to either of us. Thank you.

Karina Ricker, Serials Cataloger
University at Albany, State University of New York

Trudi Jacobson, Coordinator of User Education Programs
University at Albany, State University of New York