MARCIVE serials records and microfiche Gary W. Mayhood 04 Feb 1999 22:39 UTC

Hello All!!!

I am in the process of training a staff member who is in charge of editing
MARCIVE records that have been downloaded into our online system in some
basics in serials cataloging, especially handling title changes, and
bumping some of these serials off.  We have run across a number of title
changes where the new title is now in microfiche instead of paper, but the
records downloaded from the MARCIVE tapes are for paper copies.

I would like to ask how some of you may have dealt with this.  Do you edit
the MARCIVE paper copy to conform to  microform standards?  Do you download
new records from OCLC for the fiche? or do you create your own in-house
records on your local system?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Gary W. Mayhood
NMSU Library
Box30006/Dept. 3475
Las Cruces, NM 88003-0006
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