COLORS magazine Sunee Grima 05 Feb 1999 01:41 UTC

Good evening,

I hope someone can help me. Our library has two subscriptions for the
magazine, Colors. We want both the Spanish and French versions. Our agent
has different title numbers and ISBN for both versions. For whatever
reasons, we only get the French version which includes German and French
languages in each issue. We have tried to claim for the Spanish version of
the magazine for several months. Our agent wrote the publisher a letter
inquiring about the Spanish version and our money.  So far, the publisher
has not responded to our agent. I start to wonder if there is really a
Spanish version of the magazine at all. If you have Spanish version in
your collection, can you describe to me what the recent issue looks like?
May be I can solve the msytery about the Spanish version. But, then I have
to find out if there is really a French version at all.

Thanks for your help.

Sunee Grima