Microfilm shelving Deborah Harrell 08 Feb 1999 16:28 UTC

We are looking at possibly changing our method of shelving microfilm and
wondered what other libraries are doing.

Right now, we shelve periodical microfilm with its respective paper title
(we shelve periodicals alphabetically by title rather than cataloging
them).  But our newspapers on microfilm and paper are shelved in a
separate collection on open shelves.

We are looking at the possibility of putting these microfilm for
newspapers #1 in the periodical stacks alphabetically or #2 in a cabinet.
Because our student assistants reshelve used materials, they have a
difficult time distinguishing between newspapers on microfilm and
periodicals on microfilm.  Interfiling them would help here.  Shifting as
needed would also be easier than shifting in a cabinet.  How do other
libraries handle them?  (We have a growing collection of about 1000

We are also looking at various ways to handle paper copies of newspapers
and would like to hear from others about this.  Currently the latest
issues are on newspaper 'sticks' in our browsing area and others are in
separate newspaper shelving.  Do any of you shelve your paper copies in
with periodicals?  What are some of the pitfalls/advantages?


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