URL verification for III libraries Crystal Graham 08 Feb 1999 23:44 UTC

UCSD has described our URL verification process on this list over the
years.  We now have a super new program thanks to Tom Tyler.  The following
message appeared on the Innopac listserv and was followed up by one of the
staff members here.  We have now implemented it and are very excited about
it.  If you have questions or problems, please communicate directly with
Tom.  I am merely the bearer of good news.

At the moment our test file is available at
look now as it won't be there long.

 > If you want to try the new version of my software for creating a source
 > HTML page for checking URLs in Innopac bib records with LinkBot or other
 > similar software, a zipped file is available for your use.
 > Assuming your browser is set to download files with the ".zip"
 > extension, then go to the following URL:
 >         http://www.du.edu/~ttyler/freeware/marcxgen.zip
 > Unzip the file (I used PKZip for Windows to create the file) and take a
 > look at the READMEXG.TXT file for further instructions.  The file should
 > be "unzipped" in the directory where you will be processing your
 > exported Marc records file.
 > As with earlier editions, the program is designed to create a single
 > HTML file to be used (in my case) with LinkBot.  With 3-4,000 Marc
 > records represented this is a rather big file.
 > To use the program you first need to use "Create Lists" to identify all
 > records with an 856 field.  You may want to sort this file by Title,
 > OCLC number or some other element.  Next, you will need to use the file
 > as the source for an export of unblocked Marc records.  MarcXGen
 > requires that the resulting file of Marc records have an extension of
 > ".MAR" and that it be in the same directory as the program MARCXGEN.EXE.
 > The new version does a better job at pulling out ALL 856 URLs and it
 > separates link information in the HTML file to let you visually see when
 > more than one URL is associated with a single bib record.
 > If you decide to try it, I'll be interested in your comments.
 > Tom Tyler
 > Assoc. Director for Budget & Technical Planning
 > University of Denver Library
 > Denver, CO  80208
 > 303-871-3334
 > 303-871-3446 (fax)
 > ttyler@du.edu
 > Website: http://www.du.edu/~ttyler/bdldhome.htm

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