Binding _Weather_ Jeanette Skwor 09 Feb 1999 15:59 UTC

I am thinking I would like to start binding this title--_Weather_ (Royal
Meteorological Society), and am wondering how others are doing so.

A "Weather Log" accompanies each issue, one folded sheet covering the
weather three months past.  In other words, the Jan issue has the Nov.
weather log in it.  These logs/sheets are *loose*.

I am considering having a pocket put at the back of the volume, and just
putting the year's logs there, and questioned as to whether I should have
the logs *for the year* inserted, or the logs *as they arrived* that year.

Then, I'm thinking, it might be better to bind the logs separately,
perhaps 5 years in a volume.  I would still want to keep the sheet partly
folded, so the volume wouldn't be too deep to fit on the shelf.

If you are binding _Weather_, won't you please tell me what you are doing?


Jeanette Skwor
Cofrin Library
UW-Green Bay