Locating chief source for old title Mary Grenci 09 Feb 1999 19:43 UTC

As part of retrospective conversion, I have on my desk several years worth

United States. Federal Highway Administration.
  Annual report to the Secrectary of Transportation on the accident
investigation and reporting activities of the Federal Highway
Administration in ...

Several years are bound together and for most of the reports I can not
tell if my copy includes the chief source. If it does, then I need to
create an original on OCLC. If it doesn't, then there may not be a title

The years in question are 1970-1973. For 1970 my copy begins with the
table of contents page. For 1971-73 my copy begins with page 1, so would
have a caption title only.

Can anyone out there tell me if there were covers or (highly unlikely)
title pages for these reports? And, of course, can you tell me what
title(s) appear(s)s on these covers--or better yet, fax me a copy.

BTW, the title on my 1970 report is *not* the same as the title shown on
the OCLC record for 1970 (#2239254). It is instead a title variation of
the record that shows as ceased with 1969 (#22940927). According to the
introduction, 1970 was the first year that part of the content split off
into a separate title--the one which the record shows as a simple
"continued by". The original title seems to have remained for at least one
more year (possibly longer, depending on what title is on the chief source
of later issues).

Thanks in advance,


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