Re: Numbering of journals Mitch Turitz 10 Feb 1999 18:08 UTC

  I would recommend against calling the new volume "vol. 4" because it may
confuse your customers who may then try to claim volumes 1-3.  If you
really want to start the volume numbering over again, how about "New
Series, volume 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1999)".  That will make it clear that there
was a previous numbering system but this supersedes it.  I would also add a
note, either on the title page or in the editorial section, explaining the
change. I would also be clear in the note as to why you are changing the
volume numbering and dropping thenote "supplement to" - does this reflect a
change in the subject coverage? (that may affect the cataloging of the
  I am a little confused as to why you want to conisder these as two
separate titles, but only make them available for subscription together.

-- Mitch


Date:    Tue, 9 Feb 1999 16:34:38 -0500
From:    Gretchen Voter <GVOTE@BLACKWELLPUB.COM>
Subject: Numbering of journals

I work at an academic publishing company.  We have recently come across
an issue which we had never thought about before concerning the
numbering of one of our journals. Our hope is that by contacting this
listserv we can set up a policy that is user-friendly for librarians and

The scenario:  We're not sure what volume number to use for the new
Journal B.

Journal A comes out four times a year.  A few  years ago we launched
Journal B as a supplement to Journal A.  It was labeled Volume 40,
numbers 1 and 2  (corresponding to the Volume number of Journal A.)

In 1999: we agreed to drop the "supplement to" part and changed the
title.  It will be coming out three issues a year now.  However, you can
only subscribe to both Journal A & B together (one price for both as a

What volume do we call the new Journal B? The same volume number as
before or Volume 4 (with a note, formerly called .......)?

As I am not a member of this listserv, any responses will need to be
sent to me directly for me to see them.  I appreciate any thoughts or
ideas you have.


Gretchen Voter

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