Science Books and Films (Rebecca Reilly) Marcia Tuttle 12 Feb 1999 22:20 UTC

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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 15:51:43 -0500
From: Rebecca Reilly <rreilly@MAILHOST.SJU.EDU>
Subject: Science Books and Films

For any library that subscribes to the AAAS publication "Science Books
and Films"--are you treating the 1999 issues with SB&F on the cover as a
title change?  It looks as though someone put in a new record in OCLC
that is now marked for deletion.  However, the editor's message on page
2 of the January/February 1999 issue makes reference to the "new name on
the cover".  Please advise whether this is a true title change or not.

Thank you,

Rebecca Reilly
Serials Librarian
Saint Joseph's University Library