Serial Records cards (Rachel Ben-Eliezer) Marcia Tuttle 15 Feb 1999 11:57 UTC

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Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 11:52:09 +0200
From: Rachel Ben-Eliezer <rachelb@MOFET.MACAM98.AC.IL>
Subject: Serial Records cards

Dear Peter

No one is going to convince me to give up my "SERIAL RECORDS CARDS"  I
work in a small college library. Our serials dept. has about 600 journals.
We have been fully computerized for around 6 years, but....

1.All serial records pre 1992 are not in the computer.

2. I find it very difficult to do claims through the computer (it could be
our software program ALEPH)

3. I like writing odd information and notes about each periodical on the
card, which I can see at first glance without "travelling" from one screen
to the next.

I would be most surprised to hear that there are still libraries using

We are an extinct species, or at least a dying breed!

Rachel Ben-Eliezer
Serials Librarian
Jerusalem, ISRAEL