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Subject: Claims study

Years ago, at the second or maybe the third NASIG conference, Dan
Tonkery & John Merriman gave a session on just this topic. I remember
that several of the vendors & publisher reps said outright that any
claims that came to them in the form of a computer print-out were
automatically tossed in the wastebasket because they were  probably
claiming things too soon. Peter McKay (then with Harcourt Brace) was the
lone dissenter, saying he would rather know if his company's journals
tended to arrive late.  We were of course quite outraged and upset (but
not with Peter!) -- lots of conversations ensued, and everyone agreed it
was a good session.  Of course, there was more direct general dialogue
during those early NASIG conferences, when they were much smaller than
they are now.

There might of course be some documentation from that session in the
Proceedings, but of course it would be wildly out of date by now. Still,
I have a feeling that there is a great lack of understanding (on the
part of at least some publishers/vendors) of how libraries set their
automated claims and how long a wait is allowed before a claim is
printed. This might be a good topic for a NASIG discussion group.

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