Re: Claims study? (Jeanette Skwor) Marcia Tuttle 17 Feb 1999 17:03 UTC

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Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:57:04 -0600
Subject: Re: Claims study? (Stephen D. Corrsin)

> At Midwinter, a vendor rep told me about a study he said had been done a
> few years ago by, I believe, a university in Maine, with the cooperation
> of a vendor.
> This report sounds somewhat exaggerated to me; the rep was trying to
> convince me

***It sounds exaggerated to me also, and I would give it the same weight I
give to any "facts" I receive without proper citation.  He has an axe to
grind, it is up to him, then, to provide you with, if not a copy of the
study, at least enough information for you to access it.

***I know darn well 90% of *my* claims aren't in error.

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