Vacancy for Subscriptions Clerk, Fordham University Library, NY Marcia Tuttle 18 Feb 1999 14:30 UTC

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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 15:24:54 -0500
Subject: Vacancy for Subscriptions Clerk, Fordham University Library, NY


This position is responsible for the acquisition of the Library's
collection of current periodicals (about 4000), mostly through Ebsco.

DUTIES INCLUDE: ordering new subscriptions; processing cancellations,
refunds, invoices, renewal lists; solving a variety of problems arising
from faults and errors inherent in acquisition of periodical material;
handling communication with vendor, publishers, back issues dealers;
ordering missing issues; maintaining payment cards, etc. Will work with
the DRA serial system, local Serials Information Database, Ebsconet, and
other Internet based sites.

QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: previous experience with serials/periodicals,
ability for working with problem-related tasks, excellent communication
skills. A successful candidate must have the ability to perform complex
tasks, maintain a high level of attention, be very organized,
detail-oriented, responsible.

Please reply by e-mail, fax, mail or telephone to:

Kira Haimovsky
Head of Serials
Fordham University Library
441 E.Fordham Rd.
Bronx, NY 10458
tel: 178-817-3534
sorry, tel: 1-718-817-3534
fax: 1-718-817-3530