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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 08:09:52 -0900
From: Rose Welton <rose_welton@EDUC.STATE.AK.US>
Subject: Re: Time magazine covers (Elizabeth Parang)

I see a lot of celebrity magazines of all titles, not just Time, for sale
on Ebay, the online auction warehouse ( Many of these go for
hefty prices.

Rose Welton

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>From: "Parang, Elizabeth" <eparang@PEPPERDINE.EDU>
>Subject: Time magazine covers
>Back in 1993 there was a message (appended) to serialst concerning the theft
>and resale of Time magazine covers featuring "celebrities."  We are
>preparing to discard some volumes of Time from 1970 to 1985 and were curious
>to learn if there was a legitimate market for "celebrity" covers.  Does
>anyone have any information on this topic?
>Elizabeth Parang
>Coordinator of Periodicals
>Pepperdine University
>Date:         Fri, 30 Jul 1993 11:13:00 -0800
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>Subject:      SECURITY ALERT
>Security Alert
>>From the "I thought I had heard it all before" files.
>Last week, Access Services staff apprehended a suspect, for the
>attempted theft of 34 Time magazine covers from the University
>Library, University of California, San Diego campus.  Staff were
>alerted when the suspect set off the 3M gate alarm as he attempted
>to leave the library. The suspect: Carl Alexander, 31, was later
>arrested for burglary and transferred to the San Diego jail. While
>waiting for the police to arrive, the suspect admitted that he had
>cut the covers out of the magazines. He later claimed that this
>work was "what he did for a living".  A folder he was carrying
>contained a letter he allegedly had received from his "employer"
>ordering the specific magazine covers and mentioning an enclosed
>$500 for previous "services".  The suspect later admitted to police
>that his employer sends him to specific university and public
>libraries, where he finds magazine covers containing celebrity
>photos. Once in the hands of his employer, the covers are sent to
>the celebrity appearing on the cover, along with a letter
>requesting an autograph. The autographed cover is then mounted and
>sold as a collector's item.
>The suspect later indicated that his "employer" was from the
>Washington state area, but this has not been verified.  It seems
>likely that this person has others working for him in other cities.
>If you have information about similar incidents or questions about
>this one, please give me a call at 619-534-1271. Thank you.
>Nancy Beale
>Access Services, Asst. Dept Head
>University Library
>Univ of California, San Diego
>La Jolla, California
Rose Welton
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