Journal of Counseling & Development (Amy Gunn) Stephen Clark 23 Mar 1999 20:39 UTC

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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 14:21:03 -0500
From: Amy Gunn <AGUNN@MC3.EDU>
Subject: Journal of Counseling & Development

I am interested in hearing from others regarding the publishing frequency of this title (ISSN: 0748-9633).  According to the "small print" on the inside cover of V.75 No.5 the journal is published six times per year.  According to the inside cover of V.76 No.1 the journal is published four times per year.  I realize that the journal changed their frequency of publication, BUT I never received a V.75 No.6 and all attempts to claim are for nothing!  Anyone else have similar frustrations?  Please reply to me personally.  Thanks in advance!
Amy Gunn
Montgomery County Community College