Electronic vs Print pricing comparison (Jason Eyre) Stephen Clark 24 Mar 1999 14:44 UTC

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Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:01:08 +1000
From: Jason Eyre <Jason.Eyre@EPA.VIC.GOV.AU>
Subject: Electronic vs Print pricing comparison

Dear colleagues

The library for the Environment Protection Authority in Victoria,
Australia,  is being encouraged to embrace electronic journals as a viable
- and cheaper - alternative to the more traditional print variety, as well
as being more environmentally-friendly (as less paper is used).

While we are keen to do this (and, indeed have already done to a limited
but growing extent), our PERCEPTIONS are that the electronic journals
currently available are comparatively MORE EXPENSIVE (due primarily, but
not exclusively,  to the licensing arrangements for multiple access
points). In addition, the RANGE of e-journals available is SIGNIFICANLY
LOWER compared to those on offer in a print format, particularly for a
specialist scientific/technical library such as ours.

What I want to ask you all is this: Are our perceptions founded? Are
e-journals more expensive than print (in your own experience)? Can anyone
point me to a recent, authoritative analysis of this issue? What are the
relative advantages/disadvantages of electronic over print? Do any of you
have experiences/examples that you can relate on this matter?

A rather broad-ranging question, I admit; but I am keen to hear your
opinions on at least some of these issues....

Jason Eyre
Serials and Acquisitions Librarian
EPA Library
Environment Protection Authority
477 Collins Street
GPO Box 4395QQ
Melbourne Victoria 3001