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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 12:32:59 -0500
From: Virginia Roy <virginia@FAXON.CA>
Subject: 1999 Faxon Canada Serials Price Index - Summary

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The following is summary information from the 1999 Faxon Canada Foreign and
Domestic Periodicals Price Index for Canada.

Clients of Faxon Canada, The Faxon Company or Dawson who wish to receive the
full report can email their request to marketing@faxon.ca or contact their
local Market Coordinator or Sales Representative.  The complete Price Index
will be published in the April issue of Feliciter.

Faxon Canada's annual Price Index, which measures the effect of inflation
on prices charged for subscriptions, reports an average price inflation
of 15.97% for 1999 subscriptions over 1998 prices.
The reported average of 15.97% is based on 4444 periodical titles
included in Faxon Canada's  Price Index.  This year, Canadian libraries
witnessed just how significant the impact of a weak dollar can be on
purchasing power.  A new table examines how much of the
15.97% can be attributed only to foreign currency fluctuations.

Findings At A Glance                     1999                   1998

Average Price                           $717.92                 $619.08
Average Price Increase                   15.97%                  13.49%
Category With Highest % Inflation   Math & Comp. Sci           Astronomy
                                         29.52%                  20.83%
Country with Highest % Inflation        Germany               United Kingdom
                                         21.52%                  19.60%
Category with Lowest % Inflation    Fine & Applied Art    Fine & Applied Art
                                         11.00%                   3.26%
Country with Lowest  % Inflation         Japan                   France
                                          8.50%                    .35%

Faxon Canada's Preliminary Price Projections for 2000 Serials

Based on projections made in February, Faxon Canada estimates that price
increases for 2000 will be between 7.6% - 9.6%  depending on the mix of
your individual collection and the origin of the material being
purchased.  Faxon Canada's Preliminary Price Projections can be viewed on
our web site at http://www.faxon.ca/english/cp2000-02.htm.  Faxon Canada
will be revising our price projections in July.

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