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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 09:29:43 -0600
From: "Mary W. Williams" <mwilliams@TARLETON.EDU>
Subject: Re: Core lists

Good morning,

Carol asked me to relay my response to her query in response to others
asking to have the information sent to the whole list.  I am doing so,
even though my preference is not to have all responses to the list.  I
don't like cleaning my mailbox of replies that I'm not interested in or
that are duplicates of earlier posts. Two previous posts support my
position on duplication.]   (I know, I know, just hit the delete key.
But I subscribe to a number of
professional lists and "just" hitting the delete key in that many lists
is time consuming.)
Before the flames begin, let me emphasize that I do understand that that
is my preference, that others may have different preferences and we're
all entitled to them.

For those of you who want the responses posted to the list -  I am
wrestling with serials collection development as the faculty largely
does it without consulting me.  That is why we, as an undergraduate
liberal arts institution, have two very expensive subscriptions to
journals on adhesive physics.  I would like to have core lists, but when
I query the library committee, they don't refer to them.  They only
exception has been Nursing, whose accrediting agency uses the
Brandon-Hill list (previously mentioned.)

I have used Katz' "Magazines for libraries" (also previously mentioned)
for guidance for general materials and to support cancelling of
microfiche subscriptions that had been initiated with one-time-only money.  (!)

Anyway, that's my rant and that's my info.


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