Re: 776 Field Indicator Question (Frieda Rosenberg) Stephen Clark 08 Apr 1999 18:10 UTC

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Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 13:02:20 +0600
From: Frieda Rosenberg <friedat@EMAIL.UNC.EDU>
Subject: Re: 776 Field Indicator Question (2 messages)

Besides the answers given so far, there is the fact that the title in
776 is ordinarily the same title as the record title OR there is no title
but simply the word "Original" or "Microfilm" (etc.) in a $c subfield.
See the examples in Module 32 of the CONSER Cataloging Manual.
Frieda Rosenberg
Serials Cataloging
Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

> > We have a question about the first indicator for the 776 field.
> > (Additional Physical Form Entry)  According to the CONSER Editing
> > Guide "The first indicator determines the note display.  In most
> > cases, a note is not generated and the first indicator is set to
> > value "1"  Why wouldn't you generate a note?