Consolidation (Barbara Rauch) Stephen Clark 15 Apr 1999 12:34 UTC

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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 10:18:19 +1200
From: Barbara Rauch <barbara.rauch@AIT.AC.NZ>
Subject: Consolidation

Dear colleagues
We have just begun consolidating some of our serials this year and
we are an academic library (about 1600 paid serial titles).

Our agent was not going to include the freight/service charges into
the individual sub. prices which we'd assumed they would.

They started billing us with a monthly total.
The thing is we have to allocate the charge to the faculty/dept. as
part of the cost of their sub.
We have persuaded the agent to bill us for the whole year now
based on their estimate of our freight costs. We are now going to
have to manually work out the average charge per sub. and enter
these as separate freight invoices to each order.
Unfortunately our system won't allow us to allocate amounts to
dept. charge codes, without identifying which orders they are to be
attached to - which would reduce the number of invoices to put on.

Is our serials module lacking in functionality or is the agent being
awkward? What do other agents do?
Acquisitions Dept.
Auckland Institute of Technology
Auckland, New Zealand.