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SIAM Journals (Jill Emery) Stephen Clark 15 Apr 1999 12:35 UTC

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Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 17:31:05 CST
From: Jill Emery <emery@LIBRARY.UTA.EDU>
Subject: SIAM Journals

I'm curious to find out how other academic institutions are checking
in and representing the 1999 SIAM Journals in their OPACs.

According to their web page, SIAM is considering the electronic
date of publication to be the definitive edition of their journals,
however the print versions of the same issues do not appear until
months after the electronic version. Therefore, Vol. 20 no. 1 of
SIAM Journal on Scienitific Computing which has the copyright of
1999 and would coincide with their publication schedule of: (1999
Jan.) has on the cover and in the title statement:

Papers published electronically August 1998.

When looking for a citation from this issue, the citation from
MathSciNet had 1999 as the publication date and then a
parathetical note (electronic).

Any clarity on how to represent our holdings in an OPAC that
would coincide with the indexing of these journals would be greatly