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Included below is the message I sent this afternoon to the Wiley company,
publisher of the above title.  Their pub pattern for 1999 (and continuing?)
is 18 issues in vol. 283-285, the four issues of vol.285 being interspersed
as dated issues through the year.   I believe I'm speaking for most of us
when I say that this unusual a publication pattern is difficult and
frustrating.  I'll post their answer when I receive it.

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> Help would be appreciated.  We, like many other libraries, check in on an
> automated system.The system requires us to set up a publication pattern so
> that the next issue can be predicted, and so we know if a scheduled issue
> is missed.  I understand from what is printed in Journal of Experimental
> Zoology that there will be 18 issues this year, 4 of which are in your
> special volume, Molecular and Developmental Evolution.
> There are two problems.  First, although I know how many issues are being
> published in each month, I do not know what volume/issue numbers will go
> with which dates.  Your supplying that information would be helpful.
> Second, perhaps your scheme of interlacing the last-numbered of the three
> volumes of this year with the two earlier ones could be re-defined for
> next year.  It is impossible for our system (and, I suspect, any other) to
> work with a pattern in which the chronological order of dates does not
> correspond to the ascending order of volume and issue numbers.
> There is a listserve for those who work with serials in libraries.  I will
> post a message to that list that I have sent this message to you, and
> would like to post your response to the list when I receive it.  I know
> those who subcribe to this title will find it helpful.
> Thank you for your attention.
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