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Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 17:13:02 -0500
From: Karen Muller <kmuller@ALA.ORG>
Subject: Business of Acquisitions Preconference Registration Closing Next Week

***** Deadline for registration is May 21 ******

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"Advancing Acquisitions: Services, Standards, and Skills," will be
held June 24-25, 1999, in a one and a half day program sponsored by
ALCTS  The program is a preconference to the 1999 ALA Annual
Conference in New Orleans, LA.  The registration deadline is May 21,

The preconference is designed to give acquisitions librarians an
overview of the ever-changing library acquisitions environment and
help them update their skills and knowledge.

The preconference is primarily for experienced acquisitions and
serials librarians and heads of technical services departments.

David McCune, Sage Publishing, and Don Halloran, Academic Book
Center, will discuss the forces and realities shaping the publishing
and vendor businesses.  Ross Atkinson, Cornell University, will update
"Managing Traditional Materials in an Online Environment," (LRTS 42:1)
with an emphasis on managing new materials acquisitions while
maintaining traditional materials purchases.

Other speakers include Trisha Davis, Ohio State University; Dan
Tonkery, The Faxon Company; Christian Boisannas, Cornell University;
Adrian Alexander, Big 12 Plus; and Joyce Ogburn, Old Dominion

To register online, visit;
download and complete the form.  Registration fees are $175.00 for
ALCTS members, $225.00 for ALA members, and $275.00 for non-members.
The fees include lunch on June 24th.  Completed registration form with
payment should be sent to:  American Library Association, Dept.
#77-6565, Chicago, IL 60678-6565; or fax - completed form to
312-944-7841.  Whether mailed or faxed, forms should be sent only once
to avoid duplication.  For more information, contact Yvonne A. McLean
at or 312/280-5032.