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Re: Biodiversity Letters (Idith Bar-Nachum) Idith Bar-Nachum 16 May 1999 09:53 UTC

Hi Connie,

You are right: there was no issue published in 1995 for this title:
vol. 2 no. 6 was published in Nov 1994, and vol. 3 no. 1 in Jan 1996.

Regards - Idith

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Connie Foster <Connie.Foster@WKU.EDU> wrote:

>We are trying to determine the vol./years for Biodiversity Letters. It appears
>that v.2 ended in 1994 and v.3, no.1 is 1996; therefore, can I safely conclude
>that there was nothing for 1995 if the vol. numbering is sequential.
>If anyone can check holdings, I would appreciate. I could not find any special
>note on OCLC regarding a lapse nor in the publication except an editor change
>which could have caused a hiatus.

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