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Biodiversity letters (Joseph Sollitto) Joseph Sollitto 17 May 1999 14:26 UTC

Information from a current checkin record reveals the following publication
schedule for this serials:

v.1:no.1 dated January 1993
    no.2 dated March 1993
    no.3/4 dated May-July 1993
    no.5 dated September 1993
    no.6 dated November 1993

v.2:no.1 dated January 1994
    no.2 dated March 1994
    no.3 dated May 1994
    no.4 dated July 1994
    no.5 dated September 1994
    no 6.dated November 1994

v.3:no.1 dated January 1996
    no.2 dated March 1996
    no.3 dated May 1997
    no.4/5 dated July-Sept 1997
    no.6 dated November 1998

I hope that this is helpful.

Joseph Sollitto, Editor
Serials Update Service
The Faxon Company