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Subject: Announcement:  EBSCO Aggregator Records

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The PCC Standing Committee on Automation's Task Force on Journals in
Aggregator Databases has recently completed a demonstration project with
EBSCO to produce a set of MARC records to represent the full-text journals
in EBSCO's Academic Search Elite.  The records, which are derived from
CONSER records for the corresponding print journals, are available for
download at no charge from EBSCO.  The task force encourages libraries that
subscribe to the EBSCO product to test the loading of these records into
their catalogs.

A recent survey of librarians in PCC libraries suggests that a large
majority want records in their catalogs to represent the full-text journals
available in aggregators like EBSCO's Academic Search Elite, Bell and
Howell's ProQuest Direct, and Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe.  The same
survey indicates that three-quarters of libraries are interested in
acquiring record sets.  The task force continues to work with other
interested vendors to encourage the development of record sets for their

For further information about downloading the EBSCO record set, please
contact Oliver Pesch at  Your comments and inquiries
about the task force's work are welcome.  They may be directed to any
member of the task force.

SCA Task Force on Journals In Aggregator Databases:
--John Riemer, Chair, SCA Task Force on Journals in Aggregator Database (U.
--Jeanne Baker (U. Md.),
--Matthew Beacom (Yale),
--Karen Calhoun, Chair, PCC Standing Committee on Automation (Cornell),
--Eric Celeste (MIT),
--Ruth Haas (Harvard),
--Jean Hirons (LC liaison),
--Oliver Pesch (EBSCO liaison),

Jeanne A. Baker
Head, Serials Cataloging Unit
Technical Services Division
McKeldin Library
University of Maryland
College Park, MD  20742

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