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Re: College English/Trends & Issues... Jef Martin 20 Dec 1999 15:44 UTC

We will interfile (hardcopy only) with College English, although
in our case we expect it to be ignored, because it is apparently
only indexed in ERIC, which we don't get.
San Antonio Public

From: Jef Martin <jmartin@CI.SAT.TX.US>
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> From:         Patricia M. Breno[]
> Sent:         Friday, December 17, 1999 8:43AM
> Subject:      College English/Trends & Issues...
> With our microfiche subscription of College English, we just
> received Trends & Issues in Postsecondary English... 1999.
> College English is the header on the fiche.  The title page, verso,
> intro have no mention of College English.
> Since Trends is cataloged separately, and doesn't seem to have a
> College English connection, I'm hesitant to file it with our College
> English fiche.  Our Bell-Howell rep indicated that she thinks it is a
> supplement or special issue, since it came with College English.
> Has anyone else received this--and how have you handled it?
> Separate it or keep it with CE? I know there are separate recs in
> OCLC for both.
> Thanks,
> Pat
> Patricia Breno
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