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Electronic Green Journal -December 1999 issue now available William Johnson 23 Dec 1999 17:01 UTC

The editors of the Electronic Green Journal are pleased to make the
following announcement.  This announcement has been cross-posted to several
lists.  Please excuse the duplication.

The December 1999 issue of the Electronic Green Journal is now available.
EGJ ISSN 1076-7975 is a peer-reviewed professional journal of international
environmental information published by the University of Idaho Libraries
twice a year.

Table of Contents
Terry Link

Editorial -- Knowledge for What?

Can grassroots democracy save us?

DeMond Shondell Miller, John J. Green, and Duane A. Gill
Bridging the Gap Between the Reductionist Perspective of Public Policy and
the Precautionary Perspective of Communities.

The examination of the roles that both the precautionary and reduced
principles play in shaping environmental policies related to human exposure
to environmental hazards.

Xavier E. Gros
Let's Pollute: A Tribute to Japan's Disregard for the Environment

Is Japan one of the most polluted countries in the world?

Greta de Groat
Library of Congress Subject Headings for Environmental Sources: An Update

Do the Library of Congress subject headings cover environmental literature
properly? ---update to the article from the EGJ Issue 7, November 1997.

Tim Boston
Exploring Anti-Environmentalism in the Context of Sustainability

Lessons from the wise use movement.

William T. Johnson
The Environment and Your Health

A new column with sources related to the natural environment and your

Flora Shrode
Environmental Resources on the World Wide Web

Comprehensive coverage of environmentally related WWW sites, electronic
journals, publications, and other resources.

Ecological Vignettes: Ecological Approaches to Dealing With Human
By Eugene P. Odum
Reviewed by Irwin Weintraub

The Changing Nature of Work
Edited by F. Ackerman, N.R. Goodwin, L. Dougherty, and K. Gallagher.
Reviewed by Xavier E. Gros

Applied Sciences and the Environment
Edited by D. Almorza and H.M. Ramos
Reviewed by Xavier E. Gros

Aldo Leopold: A Fierce Green Fire
By Marybeth Lorbiecki
Reviewed by Alice Crawley

Conservation and the Law: A Dictionary
By Debra L. Donahue
Reviewed by William T. Johnson

The Sierra Club Guide to Safe Drinking Water
By Scott Lewis
Reviewed by Brad Fisher

Sustainability Strategies for Industry: The Future of Corporate Practice
Edited by Nigel J. Roome
Reviewed by John Lowe

Deep Vegetarianism
By Michael Allen Fox
Reviewed by Harini Nagendra

Coming Home to the Pleistocene
By Paul Shepard
Reviewed by Dale A. Stirling

Deep Environmental Politics: The Role of Radical Environmentalism in
Crafting American Environmental Policy
By Phillip F. Cramer
Reviewed by Dale A. Stirling

Ecosystems and Sustainable Development
Edited by J.L. Uso, C.A. Brebbia, and H. Power
Reviewed by Dan Tufford
Merry Christmas.