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ALCTS Creative Ideas in TS -- VOLUNTEERS NEEDED at midwinter Felicity A. Dykas 23 Dec 1999 22:16 UTC

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The ALCTS Creative Ideas in Technical Services Discussion Group will meet
at ALA Midwinter on Sunday, Jan. 16, from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

This discussion group meeting consists of round table discussions with
8-10 people participating at each table.  We are seeking volunteers to
serve as facilitators and recorders at each discussion table.

FACILITATORS introduce the topic, ask persons to introduce themselves,
keep track of the meeting time, and, most importantly, keep the discussion
moving and ensure that all are able to participate.  The co-chairs will
supply a list of questions for each topic that facilitators can use to
keep the discussion focused and moving.  Experience has shown that very
few tables make it through all the questions in the time provided!

RECORDERS participate in the discussion and take notes of the discussion.
The co-chairs will use the notes to write a report which will be
posted/published on the ALCTS Web site.  Facilitators and recorders will
receive acknowledgement in the report.  (Example: )

The topics for the 2000 Midwinter meeting are:
1) Purchasing and licensing issues in electronic journals
* Factors in making purchasing decisions
* Retention options for paper copies
* Retention factors for paper vs. electronic copies
* License negotiation: library requirements vs. vendor terms
* Vanilla license: setting your library's own terms
* License maintenance

2) Acquisitions issues in an online environment
* Vendors' ability to keep up with libraries' needs
* Tracking vendors' performance
* Feedback mechanisms
* Consolidation of vendors
* Claiming

3) Changing roles and relationships among library staff
* Staff levels and composition changes
* Interactions between technical services, public services and information
technology staff
* Level and availability of cross-training for staff
* Equality in exchanges and cross-training
* Training and day-to-day support for staff with developing and changing

4) Continuing Education and Training in Technical Services
* Difference between continuing education and training
* Funding and other support for in-house and outside educational
* Optional and mandated education/training
* Technology and its affect on continuing education and training needs
* Training in-house trainers
* Affect of continuing education on staff job satisfaction
* Keeping skills and knowledge up-to-date

5) Standards for Cataloging
* Varying editing standards by cataloging source
* Evaluating cataloging
* Balancing quantity and quality
* Justifying extra time to create an enhanced record
* Standards for "quick" cataloging in acq. and with vendor-supplied records

6) Shifting Responsibilities in Technical Services
* Merging acquisitions and copy cataloging
* Job sharing
* Cross training
* Taking on public services duties
* The changing responsibilities of librarians and its effect on other staff

Please volunteer by JANUARY 5 by contacting one of the co-chairs (listed
below). Let us know if you have a topic preference and if would prefer to
serve as a facilitator or recorder.

And if you aren't volunteering, please join us for what are always lively
and interesting discussions!

F. Ann Dykas
Catalog Librarian
University Libraries
University of Missouri--Kansas City
5100 Rockhill
Kansas City, MO  64110
(816) 235-2229

Katherine Johnson
Head, Technical Services
Caltech Library System
Millikan 1-32
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA  91125
Office: (626) 395-6065          Fax: (626) 792-7540