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Re: Library Materials Price Index Committee request (Carol Cubberley) Marcia Tuttle 03 Dec 1999 16:11 UTC

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Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 07:31:53 -0600
From: Carol Cubberley <Carol.Cubberley@USM.EDU>
Subject: Re: Library Materials Price Index Committee request (Penny              Schroeder)

At 07:42 AM 12/02/1999 -0600, you wrote:

  Are the
>>definitions of mass-market and trade paperbacks clear?


 Are they


>>Do you use the information found in the imports and translations tables?


>>What would you think of breaking out fiction into even finer categories,
>>e.g., mystery, romance, western, etc?

probably good for public libraries

Has your library compared its
>>actual pricing structure with its discounts, service charges and
>>shipping costs to the published index tables where these elements are
>>not included in the calculations?

have not had the local data to do so in the past, but expect to in the future