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Re: Hello and SOS! David Goodman 16 Dec 1999 15:08 UTC

It might be helpful to others to tell us the titles, publishers, and

The serials agent's quotation is merely a re-transmission of the
publishers quotation; the agent sets neither the prices nor the policy. In
general the serials agent is not to blame in a situation like this, but
the publisher (unless the agent has actually made a mistake).

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Karen Chobot wrote:
> Len - I am going to be interested in seeing how other people deal with
> this, but mostly I try to keep some budget in reserve since this problem
> has been occuring more and more frequently lately.  That much of a rise is
> not common for most journals and magazines that smaller schools acquire,
> but it has happened here to a lesser degree.  Do you pay everything from
> one invoice?  If so, perhaps you could break up the ordering into two or
> more separate invoices, putting the more costly items on the first invoice
> and then adjusting with the later invoice to keep within budget.  And I
> would certainly look at how necessary any of those titles were to the
> faculty, since they must be incredibly expensive all the way around.
> Document delivery for needed articles might be a cheaper alternative.
> AT the moment, however, I don't see anyway around it but for you to find
> the money somewhere.  I have always assumed that once I have accepted the
> annual renewal form, I am committed to those funds.  therefore, I like to
> be sure that I am not spending the whole thing at once and can use the
> rest of the budget for some fudging if necessary.  YOu might have to look
> at cancelling some other serials that perhaps are on standing order (I
> have several things that I do not get every year, just every other year or
> every third year.  Perhaps you can make an adjustment in that area.)  Or
> see if you can shift some funds from another area.
> You should not have to worry about your supervisor, since there was
> nothing wrong with what you did.  It should become a problem to be solved,
> not a place to lay blame on someone.  I am sure a good supervisor will
> recognize that you did not make an error, that it is just the funding
> problem with serials.
> And I have a question - how do you define the difference between serials
> librarian and periodicals librarian?  I have been called both (and other
> things as well.)
> In any case, good luck.  Karen Chobot
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> >Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 18:50:04 -0600
> >From: Len Cazares <lcazares@LAREDO.CC.TX.US>
> >Subject: Hello and SOS!
> >
> >Hello,
> >
> >My name is Len Cazares and I am new to the list.  I have just become
> >serials librarian, since I was already periodicals librarian.  My problem:
> >I recently received an invoice with price adjustments for our periodical
> >subscriptions and have just been made aware three titles have increased a
> >total of $1000, since the quote I was given this past summer!  I've told
> >our vendor rep I didn't have the funds to pay it and to cancel our
> >subscriptions immediately.  He told me I have to pay the invoice anyway,
> >that they don't have control over this.  I'll be speaking with his
> >supervisor, and alas, will have to inform my director.  Any suggestions on
> >how to proceed with this situation?  Also, I've just begun reading Chen's
> >book, "Serials Management: A Practical Guide," 1995.  Any other
> >recommendations of books or articles to read to bring me up to speed?
> >Thank you for just being there; I don't feel so alone.
> >
> >Sincerely,
> >
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