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Re: College English/Trends & Issues... Don Page 17 Dec 1999 18:19 UTC


Our library has a comprehensive membership package through which we receive
College English.  We bind our issues.  We also received Trends & Issues in
Postsecondary English Studies [1999].  We have cataloged it separately as
an annual, OCLC # 42671847.  According to the OCLC record, 1999 is the
first issue.

Don Page.

At 09:43 AM 12/17/1999 -0500, Patricia Breno wrote:
>With our microfiche subscription of College English, we just
>received Trends & Issues in Postsecondary English... 1999.
>College English is the header on the fiche.  The title page, verso,
>intro have no mention of College English.
>Since Trends is cataloged separately, and doesn't seem to have a
>College English connection, I'm hesitant to file it with our College
>English fiche.  Our Bell-Howell rep indicated that she thinks it is a
>supplement or special issue, since it came with College English.
>Has anyone else received this--and how have you handled it?
>Separate it or keep it with CE? I know there are separate recs in
>OCLC for both.
>Patricia Breno
>Serials Librarian
>Owens Community College Library
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