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New rules for cataloging rare serials Jane Gillis 17 Dec 1999 18:43 UTC

Serials catalogers:

Cataloging rare serials according to AACR2 has been confusing and
problematic.  As is the case for early monographs, early serials do not
follow modern publication conventions.  Among the problem areas are:

--No clear distinctions between publisher, printer, and distributor.

--"Earliest issue" choice does not work (especially for those serials
published in revised editions); the original wrapper, which had a fuller
title, could be wanting on some or all issues; a volume title page
sometimes has a different title from the earliest issue

--exact transcription in the 362 is the only way in some cases to
distinguish between different titles.

Under the auspices of the ACRL Bibliographic Standards Committee, Juliet
McLaren, ESTC, UC Riverside, and Jane Gillis, Yale University Library, have
been writing rules for cataloging rare serials, called Descriptive
Cataloging of Rare Serials (DCRS).  These are now in draft form at:

We want your comments/criticisms/feedback.  We could set up a list for the
purpose of commenting on these rules, if that seems best. Please respond to
me or to the list.

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